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There are 41 Streats in Tower Hamlets:


Artichoke Hill

Bacon Street

Bream Street

Buckfast Street

Cinnamon Street

Clove Crescent

Coke Street

Coriander Avenue

Dace Road

Dewberry Street

Drum Street



Guinness Close

Juniper Street

Lamb Street

Lark Row

Lime Close

Mace Close

Mace Street

Mandarin Street

Milk Yard

Mulberry Street



Mullet Gardens

Nutmeg Lane

Oregano Drive

Oyster Row

Pepper Street

Roach Road

Rosemary Drive

Rum Close

Saffron Avenue

Sage Street



Salmon Lane

Salmon Street

Shandy Street

Shoulder of Mutton Alley

Sorrel Lane

Sugar Loaf Walk

Tamarind Yard

Tench Street

Vinegar Street

Wine Close





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